Are your wings helping you or hurting you? – Enneagram Type Nine

Episode 21. Type 9 : Wings at Work with Trey Johnson & Jamie Roucloux

The 9w1  is known as “The Dreamer” and these two types blend well together.  They both care about what is just and fair.  The One seeks fairness through rules, while the Nine seeks fairness in making sure everyone has a chance to voice their opinion. 

When healthy this Nine is balanced and productive.  They stand up for what they believe is right.  They are self-assured and they share their opinions, thoughts, and ideas with confidence. 

When they are not healthy they are silently judgemental and resentful.  They avoid their problems while quietly blaming others for their flaws. 

Ones need their Nine wings in order to make decisions.  Without the One the Nine is stuck feeling like there is no way forward without cause some form of disruption, while the One is able to help the Nine stand for something at the risk of conflict. 

The 9w8 is known as “The Comfort Seeker” and this combination is like oil and water.  The Nine wants to keep the peace and maintain harmony with others, while the Eight is all too comfortable and willing to vocalize when they disagree.

When healthy this Nine is steady and able to stand their ground.  They are independent, present to themselves, and fully connected with others. They are positive and have a calming presence. 

When they are not healthy they are quiet and withdrawn.  Instead of working through conflict they avoid or cut the conflict completely out of their life leading to the very thing they want to avoid most: loss of connection with others. 

Nines need their Eight wing in order to stand up for themselves.  Without their Eight wing Nines would believe that everyone’s problems are more important than theirs.  They would continue to remain unaffected by the world, sleep-walking through life. They need the Eight wing to wake up to their desires and muster the courage to set boundaries, stand up for themselves, and go over their own dreams. 

le everyone else thinks their a bully. 

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