How to Identify Your Enneagram Type


How to Identify Your Enneagram Type

Ever wished you had a secret code to unlock better communication, self-awareness, and more effective leadership? Well, enter the wonderful world of Enneagram personality types—a game-changer for leaders like you!

In our latest episode, Kelsey Taylor from the Working Enneagram takes you on a journey that’s more captivating than a behind-the-scenes look before a live video. Picture this: insights deepening, quirks embraced, and leadership skills amped up!

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just dipping your toes into leadership, Kelsey’s insights and stories are a must-hear. The Enneagram, much like a deep conversation with a mentor, is all about embracing imperfection, navigating challenges, and building something extraordinary.

So, grab a metaphorical front-row seat, your favorite beverage, and join Kelsey on this adventure of self-discovery and laughter because leadership should be a journey, not a destination.

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