The Working Enneagram’s Mission & Values

Everyone deserves to be understood and valued just as they are

About the Working Enneagram

Self-Awareness and Empathy are skills we must choose to grow in.

People are challenging.

When we lack self-awareness and empathy, expressing ourselves well or relating to others feels impossible.

Throughout the years, the Enneagram has illuminated the importance of self-awareness and empathy. It has shown us that healthy individuals require more than just superficial knowledge. At its core, the Enneagram teaches us to prioritize people first – to attentively listen to their concerns, tailor our approach to meet their unique needs, and guide them through a journey of self-discovery. With a deep understanding of oneself and others, we can forge meaningful connections and foster personal growth.

So, when you embark on your Enneagram journey, you won’t be met with a cold, judgmental atmosphere. Instead, you will find a community that embraces you with open arms, ready to delve into the intricacies of your personality. Like a coffee shop where friends gather to share stories and laughter, the Enneagram invites you to take a seat among kindred spirits, eager to engage in conversations about your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Self-awareness is the first step to self-improvement.

Our Core Values


We take time for self reflection and we remain non-judgmental towards what we discover about our motives


We seek to understand others with a posture of curiosity and compassion


We take time to rest our mind, body, and spirit


We laugh often, and we create joyful experiences


We use our gifts to help others


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new