Are your wings helping you or hurting you? – Enneagram Type Eight

Episode 20. Type 8: Wings at Work with Daniel Palmer & Sarah Hammond

The 8w7 is known as “The Maverick” and these two coexist well together.  They both are confident and inspirational.  The Eight pushes through obstacles, while the Seven finds the silver lining in hardship. 

When healthy this Eight is passionate and motivational.  They are resourceful and commanding.  They stand up for what they believe in and they are able to discern when to exercise mercy.  

When they are not healthy they are aggressive and forceful. They impose their will on others with little concern for the well being of others so long as they get what they want. They are impatient and lack compassion. 

Eights need their Seven wing to offset their intensity.  The seven allows the eight to maintain their strong presence without being so intimidating. The seven wing allows others the ability to enjoy being around the Eight. 

Eights with a Seven wing are known as The Maverick.  They are outgoing, ambitious, and impulsive. 

Eight with a Nine wing are called The Bear. They are supportive, cooperative, and approachable.

The 8w9 is known as “The Bear” and this merger is one of conflict.  The Eight stands up for what they believe in and is energized by healthy controversial conversations, while the Nine wants to avoid conflict at all cost. 

When healthy this Eight is calm, protective, and a force to be reckoned with. They are steady, firm, and anchored. 

When they are not healthy they are stubborn and uncompromising. They have unpredictable outbursts of anger, and mistake being a follower with being controlled by others. 

Eights need their Nine wing to overcome their dualist thinking.  Without the ability to see multiple perspectives that the Nine offers, the Eight is only ever able to see one way of thinking: theirs.  If the Eight is only able to see their perspective it results in the Eight thinking their a leader while everyone else thinks their a bully. 

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