9 Different Ways to View the World


9 Different Ways to View the World

Do you feel like your small team is stuck in a hamster wheel of miscommunication and low morale? You’re not alone. But what if there was a secret sauce to unlock a workplace where communication flows like a perfectly poured latte, motivation sparks like fireworks, and conflicts smooth out like rough edges on a project plan?


In our latest episode, Kelsey Taylor from the Working Enneagram cracks the code on the nine unique Enneagram personality types and reveals how their perspectives impact team dynamics.

Think of it as your personalized interpreter guide, helping you understand what makes each team member tick, ignite their inner drive, and navigate those tricky conversations with ease.

This isn’t just about personality quizzes and buzzwords. This is about equipping yourself with the knowledge to transform your team from a hamster wheel into a rocket ship – a place where everyone’s unique strengths shine and collaboration takes off.

So, whether you’re a startup founder with a tight-knit crew or a manager building a dream team, this episode invites you to unlock the Enneagram superpower and watch your small business soar.


Get ready to ditch the misunderstandings, ignite motivation, and create a workplace where everyone feels valued, understood, and unstoppable.

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