Mastering Criticism with the Enneagram


Mastering Criticism with the Enneagram

Ever wonder why feedback at work can hit us harder than expected, turning what feels like a win into a moment of doubt? Our video “9 Emotional Triggers of Criticism (And How to Outsmart Them)” gives insights into this issue head-on. We’re showing that criticism isn’t at all a challenge or an enemy; it has huge potential to provide us with growth opportunities if we know how to use it right.

Understanding Criticism Through the Lens of the Enneagram

Does constructive criticism feel like a personal attack? Do you ever leave feedback sessions feeling defensive and discouraged?

You’re not alone!

In this video, we’ll use the power of the Enneagram to help you transform criticism into a growth opportunity. The Enneagram is a powerful personality framework that can help you understand yourself and others better. By understanding your Enneagram type and those of your colleagues, you can:

  • Decode how you (and they!) naturally interpret feedback. Is it a chance to shine (Seven) or a threat to your control (Eight)? The Enneagram sheds light on these unique filters.
  • Develop strategies to stay calm and composed when receiving feedback, even if it feels harsh.
  • Master the “Repeat Back” technique to ensure you truly understand the message being conveyed.
  • Learn how to communicate feedback more effectively based on different personality types.

No more misunderstandings! This video will equip you with the tools you need to confidently navigate workplace criticism and use it to fuel your professional development.

Are you curious how your work besties will respond to the Enneagram?
Consider hosting an Enneagram Workshop.  This interactive session will delve deeper into your Enneagram type and help you leverage its insights to improve communication, collaboration, and overall workplace satisfaction.

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