Unlocking Success: 5 Ways to Utilize the Enneagram in the Workplace


Unlocking Success: 5 Ways to Utilize the Enneagram in the Workplace

Are you ready to unlock the secret to workplace success? Dive into our latest video, where we reveal five strategic ways to harness the power of the Enneagram and revolutionize your professional environment.
We explore how understanding your Enneagram Type can elevate teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and employee development.
This video is your roadmap to: 

  • Understanding Team Dynamics: Knowing your Enneagram Type as well as the Type of the people you work with is incredibly helpful when understanding how your team works together. 
  • Improving Communication: Misunderstandings will happen – but we want to help you reduce them significantly. Download the free Enneagram Communication Guide to learn where you do your part to ensure miscommunications happen less and less.
  • Mitigating and Resolve Conflict: Ugh. Conflict. Anyone one else feeling an “unsubscribe” when conflict shows up in your inbox?  Alas, we should deal appropriately with conflict for the sake of healthy work relationships, and the Enneagram is a useful tool to make conflicts a little bit easier.  
  • Improving Your Leadership: Knowing your personality strengths and weaknesses is the key to effective leadership.  Lean into your strengths, and embrace your weaknesses.  This simple practice will help you grow in appreciation for the other personality types who are naturally strong in the areas where you are not. 
  • Developing Your Employees: Not everyone has the same career goals and desires. Knowing the Enneagram Types of your team can help you tailor unique development plans to align with the personality and goals of each individual.

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Ready to revolutionize your workplace culture? Watch now and unlock the full potential of your team with the Enneagram! 

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